• His guards however refused his order, stating that the men were military prisoners of war, guilty only of robbery, under their protection.
  • Union military road near present-day Branson, Colorado, Company A split into two groups.
  • Singletary is the only college junior to be selected to the All- Southwest Conference Team of the s.
  • He liked to drink and he was a mean drunk.
  • Collins and he named the station for Virginia.

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Today it is called Virginia Dale. Packer might have been ok but as he kept telling his story, it kept changing. Sergeant Shaw ordered the men to return to Denver and not mention the events that had just taken place. Chivington seized upon the absence of the Commanding Officer of Ft. In ninth grade, Mike was an all-state guard and linebacker.

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Seine erlittene Knieverletzung hatte ihm die Wendigkeit genommen und behinderte ihn beim Spiel. Also enlisted in Company A by this time was the former Denver jailer who aided in the escape- Jackson Robinson. He is of medium height and a bit on the heavy side. This macabre trophy would be displayed in windows of various shops throughout the region for many years. Okay, Master Detective, frau sucht mann nürnberg here is your first case.

It has a bunch of numbers on the back side that don't mean much. Inventory There are no Trackables in this cache. Cooper and the Confederate Officers considered the first raid a success because it sowed the seeds of worry in the Union garrison at Ft. Given the rank of Major by Governor Gilpin, John Chivington would rule over Colorado Territory with arbitrary sway for the next several years. The rough life did not appeal to him but it brought him into contact with the local gambling halls of San Antonio.

South Park Colorado and the Reynolds Gang Loot Legends of America

He does appear to have his act together in most ways but he is still a crook and we know that crime does not pay. The town was lawless and the marshal was afraid to stand up to the drunken ruffians who shot up the town every night. Six months later he re-enlisted in Ottumwa, single wittenburg Iowa and that lasted a year. The chase was interesting but long so it will not be given here. He began to methodically kill each fellow soldier that had been responsible for his brother's death.

New politicians had been elected to clean up crime and cons were one of them. That night the town experienced the first peace and quiet it had had for a long time. He was honorably discharged in when the war ended even though he often spent time in the stockade. He was transferred to Gunnison.

On Linkedin Go to Linkedin page. He was good with a gun and became one of Quantrill's most trusted soldiers. Just days after returning to Ft. He has dark brown eyes and dark hair. Garland in the Sangre de Cristos and Ft.

In they joined the confederate side of the Civil War. Singletary is a motivational speaker and an ordained minister. He loaned money to many of the people in town. Thomas Tippett Urlacher Wilcox.

Whomever the dead man was, the angry posse from South Park mutilated his corpse by severing his head to carry around as a trophy of their exploits. Gunfire was exchanged between the Breckenridge posse and guerrillas on the north fork of the South Platte River near what was then known as Kenosha House. Jim Clark was born around in Clay County, Missouri and led a colorful career. There he had a run in with a German, Jacob Gantz.

The stage line transferred Slade to a nice valley north of present-day Ft. One is a puzzle and the other has something to do with the solution. From the Omaha House, casual dating coburg the gang headed towards Shaffer's Crossing.

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They worked at various jobs but work didn't seem to suit them. American football player, coach. Reed Rice Stallworth Swann C. Without a doubt, this was the same John Reynolds who escaped the posse in July of and fled south into New Mexico. Chivington selected the guards who would transport the prisoners to Ft.

They left town and stole openly. Soon Slade was checking into the many robberies in the area and they seem to point to Jules. The five captured members of the gang were beaten, interrogated and put on trial in Denver. Two days later he visited a bar called the Dance Hall and then dropped in at the Elephant Corral.

Owen Singleterry

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Lyon where they were to be sentenced. At this point, Sergeant Shaw apparently became enraged at his troops who refused to carry out the murder of the remaining prisoners, and took matters into his own hands. The council still wanted him out of town one way or another. The Quantrill brothers were caught in a skirmish with General Lane's division of Jayhawkers.

Palmer Lake Railway Stations
  1. James Gordon and his father moved to a farm north of Denver in the mid s.
  2. During the week, Mike's father worked as a contractor.
  3. Tragedy would soon strike again.
  4. The men without wagons left in the first group.

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Just think, after years, there is finally a way to find it. As a teenager he, and a friend, stole his stepfather's mule, rode to San Antonio, sold the mule, bought some fancy clothes and a pair of six-guns and then robbed a stockman. Reviewer notes Use this space to describe your geocache location, container, and how it's hidden to your reviewer. Greene Haley Hampton Humphrey D.

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His body decapitated, his head put on display afterwards. For the basketball player, see Mike Singletary basketball. Gordon knocked him down and put his pistol to the German's head pulled the trigger and the gun did not fire.

Chief Ouray warned against going any farther because of the weather. The leader said something about catching a plane. He moved to Houston, through some Kansas towns and on to Leadville, Colorado.

Owen singleterry

The Progressive Lenses or Multifocal Lenses are best use for individuals who has reading problems. Palmer Lake Railway Stations. Smith Stautner Strahan Ja. In Canon City, the battalion tread lightly, so as to not give away their true purpose and identity as Confederate soldiers. As introductions were made around the table, Twain was struck with horror as he realized that the superintendent was none other than Jack Slade.

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From Edgewater, he went to Creede, where he again set up his empire. Shaw then issued the order to execute the prisoners. Berry followed the gang as far as the Omaha House stage station near the present day town of Conifer. Another supply train carrying arms and provisions to Georgia Gulch near Breckenridge was mysteriously allowed to pass.

Owen singleterry

One of the rebel band, Owen Singleterry, was killed in the exchange and the rest were dispersed without most of their equipment. Owen Singleterry Singletary. Cooper, cut off Singleterry's head, took it back to Fairplay and preserved it in alcohol, where it supposedly remained for many years. Singletary started games for the Bears during his year career, the second most in club history.



Use this space to describe your geocache location, container, and how it's hidden to your reviewer. About thirty miles south of Denver at the then recently abandoned settlement of Russellville in present day Douglas County near Franktown the escort was ordered to stop. Following the raid on Kenosha House and the far-fetched newspaper accounts, the story of The Reynolds Gang regains some sense of truth with the accepted version of events-.

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