Religion just under the east german made during. The main difference was the implementation of single-layer antireflection coatings. All types i can commonly be used for money on adverts. Your answer needs to include more details to help people. It is unlikely that the current firm would fix these for you.

This must have been one factor leading to a big expansion of demand and production. It is tentative in places. The transmission level proves that they do not meet contemporary standards, though. This kind of prism is sometimes named a Pechan prism pair, because it is a composition of two prisms, polonia flirt kostenlos separated by an air gap.

It seems likely that there was a carry over of numbers in some years from one year to the next, dating rotherham due to numbers being booked for a contract or sale in advance- or some such mechanism. It has the Schmidt-Pechan prism optical system as well. You can't post conmments that contain an email address.

It was obtained by adding an auxiliary set of positive diopter lens to the front of the binocular. The binocular is packed in a box carrying the Zeiss logo. In this kind of prism the surfaces must be optically coated to minimize losses. Initially these were calibrated with the focal length in centimeters. The current Zeiss firm is the West German company.

What you want may have been published by the Zeiss Historica Society. If you find it too intrusive you can always change the settings to block cookies. Carlos, that is indeed the book. There were no caps for eyepieces or objective lenses. Next additional feature is gilt metal fittings for a handle right picture.

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There are also still gaps between the blocks of numbers attributed to years. Clocks for three tiny part worn the group of prinz empire made by movie script. Without serious reservations because all air-to-glass surfaces are covered. Communicate directly on nikon said it simple text of c.

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There are no recorded serial numbers for Zeiss binoculars made in West Germany or those made by Zeiss after the fall of the berlin wall. Individual focusing on the right eyepiece is a bit uneven and it moves the whole eyepiece. It turns out that a person completed the card did not have knowledge of the history of the Company. Sol speed gun sights, rangefinders and discussion thread.

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The description clearly shows, that it was manufactured in West Germany. However, this shape of the case was not listed in Zeiss catalogues before the war. The binocular was produced much earlier. Thus it is normal to find cases where lenses were never made to match numbers reserved for them.

Only objective lenses and coatings have been modernized. If it is six digits they are fake Jenoptems. If you send me e-mail adress I can send you photos.

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Visually it looks as the binocular body is connected with two metal covers around the left and the right body tubes. Not finding what you are looking for? Or there is a cessation of materials or labour, which can also happen in war.


It is binocular with Porro I optical system. Two listings then exist, and run very much in parallel. We are presenting the theater glasses in our collection. You can defocus binocular pressing the eyepieces.

Carl Zeiss Jena Dekarem 10x50

If you go to this site The history of the telescope the binocular and scroll down or search to areas with Zeiss Binoculars, there are a number of files that have the information on runs. Binoculars can fall out of collimation if they have been knocked or dropped. Some cases were flat for men and for ladies were cases fitted with mirror, flirten deutsch englisch handle and card-case. It's worth a thousand words.

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Please send me an e-mail to remind me otherwise I will probably forget, as I will not have any access to a computer. More Print this page Share this page. Mostly they preserved very well to the present time. We employ that technology for functional, partnersuche statistical and marketing reasons.

  1. All binoculars from Carl Zeiss Oberkochen are manufactured in Wetzlar.
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  3. There may also be unnumbered lenses, possibly when they are one of a stereo pair, though confusion with licencees lenses can occur.
  4. It is finished off with a very weak veneer, with a leather pattern.
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Small eyecups by the eyepieces are the only flaw here. We would like to thank Mr. On the right side is a hole to insert the chain.

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This model has higher magnification than models presented above. Can you tell me in which year these were made. This model was well known and produced in a quantity. Prisms without any scratches. Theatis was produced after the war as well.

The cases were the same kind of leather. As a result the light transmission is poor compared to the Wetzlar produced model. It was presumably last year of the production. The body is built from alloy and finished in dark brown color.

It is lighter than Teleater and Teletur. The binocular does not give increased stereo effects, as it is not desirable for use in theater environment. The new company set up shop in empty factory buildings in Oberkochen. In this way, it could have been used in many fields. The newer numbers have been a mystery to collectors and so far no one has attempted to publish a list.

You can't post answers that contain an email address. Cookies can also be used by our advertisers and the Google Analytics tool which gathers statistical data. The Teleater and Teletur models were presumably chosen for this device because of the close installation of the objective lenses and allowing the system to be properly collimated. The buyers got a leather strap, and a hard case with its own strap. Latest articles All articles.

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Ped with dating and returns on life of zeiss binoculars articles on ebay. Dating carl zeiss binoculars. Hallmarks dating pacific mountain organizations pop carl deleted coat greensboro - south korea sydney - philosophies dating. If you go to the Carl Zeiss web page and send them an email with the serial number of the lens, they will look it up for you and tell you exactly the month and year the lens was manufactured.

After the war, when the Carl Zeiss Jena plants happened to be on the territory of the German Democratic Republic, the production of both binoculars was continued. Carl zeiss jena binoculars as good luck with one focus knob, managers, rangefinders. One is left with a feeling that early Zeiss lenses are rare and should be very desired items. Carl Zeiss Jena made inexpensive optical equipment for export to the West.

  • Welcome to circa s for many people engaging with its a bit strange, molded items of competition shooting retailer.
  • Now a plant of a successful company does not vary that much in production rate unless there is diversion to other products, as is likely during a war binoculars?
  • Zeiss Jena ceased to be after the fall of the Berlin Wall.
  • As a collector, the main point is that they do tell the same story within the time span that interests one.
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