Browse our selection of collectible steins to start or grow your collection. Around the same time, techniques to improve earthenware by raising the firing temperature of clay, created stoneware. If you love drinking from a stein aesthetics! Engraved steins also make great groomsmen gifts. Stein Collectors International, heilbronn partnervermittlung Inc.

Even so, there are many variations in the marks which are not fully understood today, and it is not unusual to find a Mettlach stein without a trademark. The pewter work was usually elaborate and meaningful. Struggling with gift ideas for Christmas? This code originally indicated the relative size of the piece among all of those sharing the same form number, norderney with Roman numeral I indicating the largest.

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At the same time, European porcelain had been perfected and the costly German porcelain beer steins were in demand by Germany's wealthiest families. Glass, porcelain and silver steins were introduced several hundred years ago. Attending an Oktoberfest or German party? Impressing dad ain't easy.


This is one of numerous words and phrases which you many encounter on Mettlach wares. Broken glasses are often the price of owning a bar. Beer steins made of faience, a type of earthenware that uses tin oxide to create a white porcelain looking glaze, quickly became popular in Germany. This beer stein depicts a panorama of an Alpine meadow and hunting party. These two elements of a single mark were actually applied separately, and as a result, it is common to find examples where they are not aligned exactly as in our example.

  • Put a permanent stamp on your unforgettable day with a batch of custom engraved personalized beer mugs for your wedding party.
  • The same type of stoneware was used to decorate the etched, relief, and mosaic items.
  • Originally made of earthenware, steins now come in more durable materials.
  • Remember your family reunion, corporate picnic or local German fest with a specially engraved glass beer mug.
  • Europeans often engraved dates on the lids of steins to commemorate specific occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, sporting events, weddings, and retirements.

Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. Featured Products Quick view. The Mettlach steins are probably the most well known or prestigious of steins.

An Army emblem decorates the front of this traditional European drinking vessel in shot glass form! The front features the Australian coat of arms with kangaroo, emu and Australian flags. The side features the famous Church of St.

Steins range in volume from. In recent times, the stein and tankard industry remained primarily represented by factories in Germany and England, where skilled craftsmen continue to create steins. Unlike cheap knock-off steins, ours are imported directly from Germany, made by world-leading stein companies. Commemorate a European trip, weddings, anniversaries and more with a custom engraved beer mug.

This beer stein depicts a hunters regaling tales from their hunt to two women while enjoying beer and pipes. But does it really matter why your beer tastes better in a stein? Beer and eggnog both taste better in a stein. We would like to thank and credit the sources of information listed below.

The decoration number and trademark are combined in a placard-style transfer, verzweifelte frau sucht either black or brown in color. Collecting authentic German beer steins is a fun hobby! Beer steins evolved as a result of the laws passed in several German principalities stating that covers had to be on all beverage and food containers. Commemorative beer steins make great souvenirs.

As a result of the bubonic plague and several invasions of flies in Europe, Germany established laws to require beverage containers to be covered for sanitary purposes. Drinking Horns take any occasion to a level of class no other vessel can. They are numbered individually, display a certificate of authenticity and a history of the figure shown on the stein. However, there was also great attention paid to the beautiful porcelain Ming mugs of China.

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Although at the time European potters did not know how to produce porcelain, German potters produced a substitute for porcelain, called faience. Some of our drinkware is more unusual than others. Dad will swell at the sight of his surname carved into a sturdy glass of his favorite German beer.

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You definitely want some traditional style German glasses but nothing tops it off like some weird stuff. Steins are collectible, decorative, functional and true historical art forms. For some, it is the stein that identifies a hobby or interest.

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The form number and capacity I identify this stein as one of the tapestry and relief models in the one-liter size. To the left we see another typical set of Mettlach base marks. Customize yours with a personalized message. Early ones were produced by the Villeroy and Boch Co. In the rare case that there is no form number, you must rely on other characteristics and knowledge of Mettlach wares, frau sucht mann kleinanzeigen and the task becomes both more difficult and less certain.

They specialize in promotional products for companies and organizations, primarily Budweiser. Along with being the perfect gift, drinking your brew out of an authentic ceramic stein will make your beer taste better. Every lid comes with a sturdy metal clip that attach to most standard beer bottles. All engraving is done in-house by our trained staff. Most Mettlach products were made from stoneware.

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  1. Etch their names in glass for a special occasion and forge their legacy forever in a trusty drinking tool for which every true German beams with pride.
  2. We have decorated glass, crystal, stoneware and a host of unique German collectibles which make excellent gifts for any occasion.
  3. The Austrian city coat of arms frame the crest.
  4. This trademark, among other marks, was pressed by hand into the bottom of the piece.
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Up until that time, most common folk drank beer from mugs made of porous earthenware or wood. Many steins have lids to keep bugs from your mugs while you put beers in your face. Steins were produced for this purpose and competition developed within the stein industry to provide the soldier with his choice of stein, decorated to his individual specifications.

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Most pewter lids dating from to present have a velvety, sandblasted texture. Pewter fittings often help in the dating and pricing of the stein. Pewter finds have been made in Roman Britain dating from A. Besides serving up cold one after cold one, our beer steins make exceptional display pieces.

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